Fragrance Library

We wanted our collection to reflect the best of our furry friends so we’ve named our fragrances to line up with some of doggo’s favourite things! 



Zoomies | Bergamot & Seagrass 
Crisp, clean & refreshing. Top notes of sage grass and lemon with an amber & musk base

Snuggles | Baby Power
Delicate & light. Notes of sweet clover honey, rose, guaiacwood, musk, and vanilla

Walkies | White Tea + Ginger
Bright & earthy. Fresh tea with notes of lemon peels, green daylilies topped with ginger

Boops | Woodsy
Neat & captivating. Blend of whiskey, sandalwood, oakmoss, and cedarwood with a hint of lime

Treatos | Coconut 
Rich & creamy. Nuances of tropical fruits, pineapple, papaya and mango with a heart of sweet coconut milk
Naps | Jasmine
Sweet, soft & calming. Notes of lime, pineapple, black currant leaves, Jasmine and orange blossom